Body ‘N’ Mind At Ease is focused on Healing from the Heart. Most people are familiar with the expression “getting to the heart of it“. In the context of hypnotherapy, the heart is the subconscious mind which stores all experiences and is the source for most of our actions and responses. Fortunately, the subconscious programming can be changed safely using various Hypnotherapy techniques to change our responses to fears and anxiety, to change unhealthy habits, to assist with releasing traumas, and much more…

Gerry’s qualifications include a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Diploma of Hypnotherapy, Diploma of Proficiency in Bowen Therapeutic Technique and as a Reiki Master of the Dr Usui Method of Universal Healing
(Gerry was initiated as a Reiki Master in 1998).

Gerry is a certified member of the IICT
(International Institute for Complementary Therapists)

Other studies included Trauma Release Therapy, the use of a Tibetan Buddhist practice, Tonglen, as a healing technique and even a short course with renown Psychic Healer the late Ron Wilding.

With this knowledge, these skills and experience Gerry can take a holistic approach and help clients to get to the heart of the matter.

What are clients saying?

In my first session with Gerry, I was a final-year university student who had been offered an interview for my dream job, during the most stressful time of my course. I attended hypnotherapy to manage my feelings of anxiety and nerves prior to the interview. I met with Gerry, and together we developed some ‘suggestions’ for my mind for the clinical hypnotherapy, which he then performed. A week later during my interview, I felt relaxed and was able to easily recall information and examples needed to answer the interview questions. I left the interview feeling happy with my performance, and was later offered a position (out of 110 applicants). During previous stressful academic situations, such as exams, I have experienced crippling nerves that have impacted my performance, so for me to feel relaxed and able to remember information during the interview is attributed directly to the clinical hypnotherapy Gerry provided, as these were the suggestions we identified together. Since then, I have continued to see Gerry for further hypnotherapy on other personal issues and following each session, I have felt lighter and less weighed down by emotions I was carrying subconsciously.
– CSU Orange Campus graduate – 2020

Just a short letter to let you know how pleased I am with the way our Hypnotherapy sessions are progressing.  From the very first session I could feel a difference in my thinking and the way I’m starting to translate that into different aspects of my life. I really enjoy the whole process and I feel very comfortable putting myself into your care. Looking forward to our next session and to my further improvement in attitude. Many thanks and much appreciation for your support.
– Painter and handyman – Gold Coast Qld – August 2021

My experience with Reiki and energy healing is new. Gerry was highly recommended by a colleague at work as I was looking for some clarity and a sense of purpose.  My first session was incredibly relaxing and also allowed me to connect with myself on a deeper level. I was able to take away aspects of a mindset I had as a child and learn how to implement it as an adult to lead a more fulfilling life.   Will be definitely seeing Gerry again. 
– AB – Digital Media and Campaign Manager –
Sydney – 2020

Session of hypnotherapy with Gerry
The session commenced with some general questions about my responses to situations. Then Gerry proceeded to ask me what in a few words would be my desired result of undertaking this session and what would be a positive outcome. Up until this stage I was a little sceptical of any results being of any value. I answered all questions honestly and also informed Gerry that the best result would be to become less reactive to people’s negative responses to my strange ideas and suggestions of life. To my surprise my mind was not met with any opposition to the procedure and I was reassured that the whole session would not even feel like the stage shows of hypnosis. The pre hypnosis questions were very thorough whilst not being intrusive and therefore established a basis of my feelings about life in general. During the hypnosis I was made to feel very secure and at no stage under any pressure. During this hypnosis similar comments were made to line up with my answers during pre-session. This made me feel very relaxed and confident. Not until several weeks later did did I discover the impact of this single session: I was able to manifest a situation that enabled me to ask some very important questions of my daughter which resulted in my appropriately responding in a manner free from previous negative habits and tendencies.  
– MR – Retired – Sydney – 2020

When I first heard about these [Tonglen] healings, I was not sure but after I had the experience just once, I was amazed with its power and ability in healing one’s inner fears.  
I truly recommend Gerry's healing to anyone who wants to have well-being in life. 
- WS - Corporate New Business Developer and Reiki Master - Sydney - 2020
I have had several Bowen treatments over the years for a bad back from Gerry Aguila. He is skilled, sensitive to needs and any pain, and the gentle, non-invasive Bowen therapy helps begin a welcome healing process. 
- Farmer (and much more), Molong